Landscape Services in Maple Grove, MN

American Landscape Company has specialized in yard drainage, retaining walls and custom plantings for over 41 years. We pride ourselves in the care we put into every one of our client's yards. We rarely use heavy equipment on our projects to minimize the damage to our landscape customer's yards.

Retaining walls

Retaining walls can make your yard more functional and beautiful. It is extremely important that retaining walls be installed by qualified installers. Retaining walls can be made from stones or boulders, concrete blocks and with treated lumber. A well constructed retaining wall will last for as long as you own your home and will enhance the value of your home. Retaining walls must be designed and built correctly and the extensive "31 year" experience that American Landscape Company has in the Maple Grove and surrounding communities will help you decide what type of retaining wall is best for your yard.
Retaining walls can be used to create an area for attractive plantings, to reclaim unusable areas of your yard, conceal foundations and to create level areas in your yard for other purposes. Retaining walls should not be installed by inexperienced contractors. Many factors need to be taken into account to construct an effective and lasting retaining wall. The material used for the retaining wall, the base or foundation that the wall is built on, drainage and height of a retaining wall should all be taken into account before construction of your new retaining wall begins. Most retaining walls will require some sort of drainage system. Failure to account for water drainage can result in retaining wall failure or can weaken the retaining wall after the freezing and thawing that occurs in the winter.
Patio Design - Landscape Services in Maple Grove, MN
Patio design for backyard - Landscape Services in Maple Grove, MN
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Patios can enhance your outdoor space by creating an aesthetically pleasing environment for your home as well as give you a nice shaded area to sit outside. Have a place to entertain that your guests are jealous of. Give our experts a call today for a free consultation.


Choosing the proper variety of plantings is an essential part of any landscape design. The size of your yard, the exposure to the sun, the amount of maintenance you are willing to do and many other factors come into play when selecting your plants. Plants can be used to provide barriers, to conceal unsightly structures or areas of your yard or to simply provide beauty. Gardens are often designed into drainage and retaining wall projects.
It is very helpful if you have an idea of your needs and wants before contacting a landscape contractor. Some examples of a need/want list are:
  • Drain Tile and contouring to increase usable area
  • Retaining wall for garden and also to increase living space
  • Sunny vegetable garden possibly in raised beds
  • Fruit trees
  • Shade trees
  • Evergreens to block and provide shelter from wind
  • Walking paths
  • Outdoor patio for grill and family gatherings
  • Flowerbeds for annuals and perenials
  • Flat, dry field of grass for soccer, croquet & other games
  • Small water fountain/water garden
  • Small rose garden
Landscaped steps - Landscape Services in Maple Grove, MN
Whatever your desired outcome, American Landscape Company can provide you with a landscape design that fits your needs and budget. We have been serving homeowners in Maple Grove, Plymouth, Brooklyn Park, Osseo, Brooklyn Center, Wayzata and in other communities for 30 years and would love to help you with your landscape project.